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By Ravi Shanker Kapoor | 14 Aug, 2015 9:02am

At last! Hamilton will take place in Los Angeles!

To him this was “Jay Z, Eminem, Biggie. Lil Wayne writing about Katrina! And so, having had that insight very early while reading Ron Chernow’s book, I never pictured the literal Founding Fathers again”. It makes sense that he recast the Founding Fathers as Black and Latino – they look like himself and his fellow actors from In the Heights. “This is the story of America then told by America now. It looks like America now,” Miranda explains (“Hamilton: A Founding Father”).

As he adds: I fell in love with Chernow’s version of Hamilton. I recognized the relentlessness. I recognized the self-destructiveness. I recognize the “no one in the room’s realized it yet, but I’m the smartest guy in here” of Hamilton, that energy. I went to a gifted school and I know that kid. And so I fell in love with his version of history, and seeing American history through his eyes made me see it in a to-tally different way. Notice, that you can book Hamilton musical tickets with this link.

Hamilton tickets in Los Angeles

Many themes like Hamilton filling the world with words also reflect Miranda. “He was always very verbal. He read by 3, 31/z,” his father, Luis, tells. “We sent him to a local nursery school at 4 and he was the only reader, so he would read to the other kids, and the other kids would sort of be around him, because he was the one who could pick up a book”.
There’s also the “running out of time” motif. As he explains it:

I’m very aware that an asteroid could kill us all tomorrow. But I create works of art that take years and years to finish [laughs]. So it’s an enormous act of faith to start a project. I think compounding that is my awareness that we lost Jonathan Larson before he ever got to see a preview of his show, Rent. He never saw what would change so many lives, mine included. So that sense of mortality is with me, always. … So in that way, I’m very Hamilton-esque, in that I’m aware of both time and of the incredible opportunity that I’m lucky to have, and not wanting to squander either.

Like Hamilton, losing people early on made Miranda hyper-aware of death even as he writes defiantly in spite of his knowledge.

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